Built To Heal

Jefferson's Specialty Care Pavilion

Before You Arrive

we've thought of you

From the ground up, this 16-floor advanced technology facility is being built with you, the patient, in mind. It’s about providing the best possible individualized care and merging it with the latest technologies and elegant design to meet the needs of today’s patients. Every detail— from our sunlit, healing spaces to the convenience of accessing many of our care services in one facility — has been designed to create an exceptional patient experience.

About The Facility

You want your care to be simple and easy. You want to talk to all your doctors and nurses without distractions in a single visit. You want a space that’s healing and comfortable for you and your family. You want the high-tech medicine, but you need a human in the room, too. We’ve got you.

Jefferson's Specialty 

Care Pavilion will:

  • Offer convenient and centralized access to care for the majority of our signature medical specialties.
  • Present a new operating model for outpatient care that will enhance the patient experience, and not detract from the human interaction between patient and caregiver.
  • Optimize patient provider interaction, including using tele-scribes and other technologies to capture information for medical records, thereby allowing providers to have better interactions with their patients.
  • Exist among the most technologically advanced, patient friendly, and highest quality medical facilities in the United States.
  • Provide a unique high-touch, high-tech experience for patients where their needs are always put first.
  • Stand as the flagship medical building in Center City Philadelphia and a significant addition to the Center City skyline as the epicenter of a more than $1 billion urban development project in East Market.

Everything we do is about putting people first. The specialty care facility will forever enhance the patient experience. Setting a new bar for compassionate, quality care.

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA
CEO, Jefferson Health
President, Thomas Jefferson University

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